* Asepsis
*    Asepsis
If you want to pay by check or money order, please send the amount listed under Option #1
or  Option  # 2 above  to:   Order  Processing,  West Haven,  5825  Lincoln  Avenue,   D 123,
Buena Park, CA 90620.
   *   Sepsis
for sure
                                                  V. TRAIN WITH CONFIDENCE

 Our Introduction to Pharmacology course was written to fully  comply with  California Code
 of Regulations,  Division 25 Article 4. Licenses, Section 2516(b)(2). Therefore, you can train
 with   confidence that the course you will be completing at  West Haven will be accepted by
 the LVN Board  for the full  54 hours of training in  Pharmacology as  required for licensure.
 In fact, we made the following guarantee and pledge to you:

 1. Register when you are ready, you can even start today;

 2. If you fail to complete the course with a grade of B or better, you can redo those areas  of
     the course in  which you  were deficient, at no  cost,  thereby improving your final course
    grade as it appears on the Official Transcript  sent to the LVN Board.

 3. Although 100% of the students who completed this course found the training acceptable to
     the Board, west Haven guarantees that it will be  acceptable for your  application as well or
     a full refund will be provided to you.

 4. You can receive a 10% discount on other educational programs offered by West

 5. You can receive a 10% discount on LVN Board Approved Intravenous Therapy and Blood
     Withdrawal offered by West Haven.

 6. You can attend an Online clinical therapy workshop at a discounted rate.

                                                                 VI. DISCLAIMER

   Only the Board of Vocational Nursing can say with certainty that any particular training or
   experience satisfies the qualifications listed above.  (Be leery of  anyone who claims they
   have an inside road in getting you qualified: They don't. Over the years, the LVN Board has
   consistently worked with individuals by providing guidance and assistance.

                                                                 VII. QUESTIONS

   If you have additional questions, please contact our office at 714-828-3793.